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A Lot More
than the Sun

Dan Furst

There are days when it seems that every astrology reading comes down to one of two questions: “How can we build a better love relationship?” – or – “When will I find someone to love?” No matter what the mind’s questions may be about money, health, creative and spiritual work, the heart always wants to know about the state of the love union. 

There’s good news and difficult news. The good news? Some people really are great matches for us, and if we find them, we have a better chance of a happy relationship.

The tough news is that most of what you read about sun sign compatibility, even in respected sources like Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, is still largely guesswork, for one simple reason. Yes, the Sun is the most important planet in our charts. But there are ten other planets in there too, along with two Moon’s Nodes and the four “angles,” like our Ascendant (“rising sign”) and the Midheaven.

So the Sun is only one of many major players. This is why we’ve all known couples whose Sun signs looked like perfect matches, but who could not for the life of them get along well. And we’ve known others who “shouldn’t” have been compatible at all, but got along fine. Why is this?

Look at it this way. Take a Venus-in-Libra man who may “scatter his affections” and is not really a philanderer, just a guy who likes having two things in balance rather than choosing only one. Match him with a woman who has Venus in Scorpio, is fiercely loyal, demands the same loyalty from her mate, and can get deadly jealous. Do these two have a stressor between them? Your call – but if I were the man, I’d either get faithful, or buy a helmet.

Or consider this one: one partner has Jupiter in Aries, loves to spend lots of money, shop impulsively and make risky bets. The other has Jupiter in Taurus, manages money much more carefully, and buys only the kinds of top-ticket items that Lorenzo de Medici would have acquired, and would still have in his palazzo today. Are these two headed for a fight over money? You get the idea.

This is why synastry – comparing two or more charts to see where the attractors, soothers and stressors are between them – is the way to go if you want to know your best match for love or business. This is also why I suggest doing astrocartography, or locational readings, for both halves of a couple, so I don’t recommend places that are great for one, dismal for the other.

My apologies. I’ll never tell you what your best Sun sign match is, and let it go at that. No honest astrologer will. But a good synastry reading is priceless, telling you both about hidden advantages that are waiting to help you, and trouble spots that you can see and solve before they get heavy. That’s why so many happy couples know their synastry well.

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