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Astrology for Libra


By Dan Furst

For New Moon Books Monthly Magazine, September 2011

How do you spot the Libra in the room? A couple of clues. A Libra woman will often be a confident, communicative type who works the party easily, meeting lots of new people and charming the shy ones into opening up. Few people are better at breaking the ice, and helping others feel relaxed and light.

The Libra man is often the one who’s eyeing all the women in the room, while trying to make sure Ms. Right, or at least Ms. Right Now (in Robin Williams’ phrase) believe he has eyes only for her. Not that all Libra men are philanderers, but there’s no avoiding the conventional complaint. One thing you’ll notice if you ever Google zodiac personalities on the web is the number of women astrologers who write deep, dark trash about Libra men. At best, say some women who seem to know from experience, Libra males are so flaky that they may be unfaithful because they can’t tell one woman from another, and at worst they’re hounds so fickle that while they’re swearing love to one, they’re thinking about whom they’ll pitch next. They can’t help it. They’re only seeking balance among two or more, rather than putting all their coin in one pan of the scales. Enough gossip – though admit it, it’s hooked you up to now. Libra men like their variety. It’s no surprise that Libra native Oscar Wilde once said, “I can resist anything except temptation.”

Libra is the seventh sign on the zodiac wheel, and is one of the four cardinal (“hinge”) signs that are major markers of the solar year. Autumn begins at the equinox on Sept. 23 as the Sun enters Libra, symbolizing the balance of light and darkness at the moment when the Solar energy of the year begins to wane, and Earth energy waxes toward harvest and abundance. This month is for weighing advantages and exploring options, and for beginning to bring in and securing the harvest. This is why the scales for weighing the grain against standard weights (from librum, Latin for one pound) are the obvious symbol for this time of year.

And for the Libra personality, which gravitates naturally toward balance, justice and fairness. So another way to spot the Libra at the party is to see who’s trying to be the peacemaker in a dispute – or who’s balancing the discussion by jumping in to side with whoever’s outnumbered. This ability of Libras to listen fairly to all sides can make them wonderful listeners and judges. It can also make them seem maddeningly indecisive to those who feel they’re waiting forever for a Libra to make up his mind.

So Libras may not be the best executive talent, but they can be magnificent arbitrators and conciliators. Having a Libra on your team helps insure that all sound points of view will be heard. So Dwight D. Eisenhower (Oct. 14) was a perfect choice to mediate among the gigantic egos of Aries George Patton, Sagittarius Charles de Gaulle and Scorpio Bernard Law Montgomery. Yet for all their balance and restraint, Libras can be ferocious leaders, as Gandhi (Oct. 2) was, when their Libran love of justice is in the right mix with fiery qualities for the Libra air to feed.

Libra is an air sign, naturally communicative in ways that are more social and verbal than intellectual. As Libra corresponds to the seventh house in the astrology chart, the house of marriages and other partnerships, Libra seeks relationships and flourishes in them, especially with those who also have some understanding of give and take. So Libra also represents the balance of male and female in love and marriage, and this is why the Libra Scales are so often depicted in art with the Sun on one side, the Moon on the other. This may also indicate why double Libra marriages can work well, as with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (both Sept. 25).

Libra is famously patient, and has needed all its brave resources in recent years as Saturn has been transiting through Libra since late 2009. Uranus in early Aries and Pluto in early Capricorn have been stressing the early degrees of Libra since the summer of 2010, and will keep aligning against each other in the years ahead. So if your life has felt like an ongoing struggle among the irresistible force of revolution (Uranus), the immovable object of tradition and habit (Saturn) and the unstoppable momentum of deep, sweeping transformation (Pluto), take heart. This too shall pass.

At its very best, Libra is committed to empowerment and freedom for all. This sign numbers many notable fighters for political and social justice. Desmond Tutu (Oct. 7), Lech Walesa (Sept. 29), Eleanor Roosevelt (Oct. 11), Jesse Jackson (Oct. 8), Dick Gregory (Oct. 12), Vaclav Havel, Bob Geldof and Philip Berrigan (all three Oct. 5) and Gore Vidal (Oct. 3) are all Libras. So was John Lennon, who embodied the Libran belief in the beauty of boundless freedom. His song “Imagine” is pure Libra in its faith in the best that human beings can be, and in their power to act in such compassion that “the world will live as one.”

Want to know how the year ahead affects people born in your sign? Dan Furst has been a professional astrologer for thirty-three years. He is the author of Dance of the Moon, and his new book Surfing Aquarius will be published by Red Wheel Weiser in September. He lives in Peru, and does astrology and astrocartography readings for people all over the world by phone and Skype. You can reach him at 51 – 984 – 155622, email His astrology web page is Dan Furst Astrology Web Page.

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