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Astrology for Taurus


By Dan Furst

For New Moon Books Monthly Magazine, April 2011

No lover is more tender, devoted and affectionate than a Taurus.

No partner is as sensual as the Taurus, who takes such pleasure in enjoying food and wine by candlelight, heady perfumes and tactile pleasures.

No one has a Taurus’ talent for improvising under changing conditions.

No one is as bull-headed in work or relationships as a Taurus.

No one is as advantageous to have in a team, bringing steadiness and consistency, even though they pose problems when the need for flexibility arises.

Folklore, famous literature, movies and important figures in history play important roles in describing the sign of Taurus. “I am Taur,” says the Wife of Bath, from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. One of the raciest characters in English literature, she is on her fifth husband – a man of twenty – when we meet her. She tells a tale that answers the question of what a woman wants: the upper hand in her marriage. She wants to be the sexually-fulfilled boss of her domain. She will be happiest if the husband just does what he’s told. Who would dare argue with her? We get more than a hint that the death of her first four husbands was their lack of compliance with her demands for a hot time every night.

If the intense sensuality of the bull offends you, there’s nothing your astrologer can do about this. Taurus time, April 19 to May 20, is ruled by Venus. It was “The Lusty Month of May” long before they sang about it in Camelot. It is spring, when desire resurges as nature roars back to life, ready to play.

Ancient peoples in Europe celebrated May Day with a dance around the Maypole. The young got merrily entangled with each other and, without a doubt, this led to amorous encounters. On the evening of May 1, which the Celts and Druids called Beltaine, lovers would go out and frolic in the fields where “The Wild Thyme Blows,” as Shakespeare put it. Thyme is one of the herbs used to excite sexual desire.

If you ventured out into the woods on May Night, it was safest to go hand-in-hand with the one you loved. Otherwise, those alone on that night were fair game for the taking! Custom dictated that they had to say ‘yes’ to anyone who asked! Babies born nine months later were called “Children of Mystery Fathers,” because their identity was forgotten or never known by their mothers. They were also known as the sons of Robin Goodfellow. This figure is none other than Puck, the sprite from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He loved to play on May Night, and that is why there are so many people named Robinson, (Robin’s son).

In this season, there are countless festivals of sowing and planting, with rites and prayers for abundant growth and harvest, affirming the Earth’s fertility. This is why Taurus, like the other “fixed” signs of the zodiac (Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), represents growth and strength, stamina and continuity. Taurus personalities are not notable for initiating things or bringing them to conclusion. They are, however, unsurpassed at sustaining them with patience, reliability and loyalty. By nature they are safe and conservative, sometimes to the point of stubbornness.

It is no surprise that Taurus is an earth sign which rules money. They love the best in art, fashion, music, jewelry and all other kinds of wealth. Take, for example, the talents of Duke Ellington (May 14), Brahms and Tchaikovsky (both born on May 7), who are known for their rich musical scores. The most famous Taurus, William Shakespeare (April 23) is such a cultural icon that we don’t think of him as a commercial genius too. But he was. Like George Lucas (May 14), he built his financial foundation by sticking to popular story formulas that appealed to a wide audience. He cut and controlled his costs by building his own theatre, the Globe, and by using the same dependable actors in play after play. He revolutionized British theatre by liberating it from aristocratic control, and by making ticket sales the main revenue stream. It also helped that he wrote words of incomparable beauty! But Shakespeare also knew that government, marriage and every other institution of order are based on a healthy respect for wealth. Who but a Taurus could have Camillo, in The Winter’s Tale, say that “Prosperity’s the Very Bond of Love”?

A Taurus lover can also settle into comfortable and lazy routines. And a Taurus mate can be a possessive controller who insists on “love on my terms,” as the hero of Citizen Kane puts it. Fascinatingly, both the model and the maker of this classic film were Taureans. Orson Welles, with his bulls’s body and voice, who directed and starred in this film, was born May 6. The main character was loosely based on William Randolph Hearst, whose art-stuffed mansion at San Simeon never did fill his empty heart, was born April 29.

Want to know how the year ahead affects people born in your sign? Dan Furst has been a professional astrologer for thirty-three years. He is the author of Dance of the Moon, and his new book Surfing Aquarius will be published by Red Wheel Weiser in September. He lives in Peru, and does astrology and astrocartography readings for people all over the world by phone and Skype. You can reach him at 51 – 984 – 155622, email His astrology web page is Dan Furst Astrology Web Page.

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