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How to Catch a
String of Good Luck

by Lawren Leo



You don’t need to grow long nails to pick a string of luck from destiny’s ball of yarn. Rather, a few choice words and some ingenuity will create your own.

From string quartets to string cheese, humankind has given it a go. But a string of good luck is a tricky thing. Unable to be seen, only felt on an intuitive level, good luck is like the wind. Sensing its existence and general direction is the first part of calling it into your trajectory. Opening your heart and becoming receptive to its energies is the last.

Sense & Direction
Through the use of affirmations we can strengthen our intuition. Keeping them simple and in the present tense helps them travel to the subconscious mind. Here is one geared towards good fortune and guidance which you can use prior to the chant below:
Now, I intuitively take the most beneficial path.

Heart’s Receptivity
The secret of receptivity lies within our wish. As our heart’s desire beats, karma swirls from it, flowing in the universe, and then returns. Imagery and compassion towards others help to direct this force properly. Put this philosophy into action. After you are finished with the chant below, say:
String of good luck, at the end of your visit I pass you forward to another worthy person in need. Thank you in advance for your help.

(For this exercise you will need a piece of paper, something to write with, cinnamon, a yellow or lavender candle, and a plate to burn it on.)

Before you begin, here is a thought to set your mood: Imagine that you are a child trying to catch a butterfly. Running through the grass your gaze is fixed upward on its blue fluorescent wings. You jump here and there to catch it as it moves along at the whim of the wind. When you are tired, you lay down to catch your breath. You see a myriad of forms in the clouds passing by overhead: a castle, a brilliant white unicorn, a cluster of fluffy hearts. Time is tired too. For the moment, Nature's only clock is a slow-moving, but determined caterpillar inching its way beside you. Pastel petals follow yet another clock. They float lazily in the sun’s rays taking on the appearance of magical faeries. The cycle is complete when the butterfly lands on you.

On the piece of paper write the words ‘a string of good luck’ in the shape of a clockwise spiral. Place the plate on top of it and set your candle on the plate. Sprinkle a little cinnamon (associated with the sun and good luck) over the candle and then light it. Chant six times:

Sleight of hand, twist of fate
String of good luck spiral shaped
Once unseen, twice revealed
Into my life your power sealed.

Let the candle burn out naturally. Keep or burn the paper. Either way, your intent has already been spoken to the cosmos.


To all who follow my blog and read this text,
when my string of good luck is done may it visit you next. ~ L. Leo

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