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How to Receive
Spiritual Messages


by Lawren Leo


‘Dust off the books on your shelf and take another glance through their pages.’

After my first sip of morning espresso this thought unexpectedly introduced itself. Like a good sleuth, I followed my hunch and made my way over to the not-so-neatly condensed New Age reading material that I had collected for over two decades. I followed a strong urge and soon enough was holding one of my old journals in my left hand and a Harry Potter-ish looking grimoire in my right. Opening the journal first, a bookmark fell out. It read, Concentration is the Key. Then, with controlled excitement, I slowly opened the grimoire. My anticipation was well rewarded as I read a passage written in an elegant cursive script, Chant to Unlock Creativity. I listened to myself whisper each passage as images of keys turning locks formed in my mind’s eye. Satisfied, I returned to my espresso and began writing.

Books are only one example of how to receive messages. The mind and imagination are limitless. They can create message routes ranging from angels and animal totems to dreams and Chinese fortune cookies.  With all of this at our disposal the question arises, where does one begin? The answer is through a combination of asking and acting. Most people do this naturally and are not aware of it. For example, before I took that first sip of espresso, I was experiencing a need – inspiration. As I was pondering over this (asking), a flash of magic came to me and I went for the books (acting). 

But what happens when you are not receiving inspiration? Initiate the process through prayer and meditation. In this way you actively open yourself to the universe and your own subconscious thoughts. Then use my formula [asking + acting = inspiration] and commit yourself to each part. This direct approach makes receiving messages more relaxed, but no less thought-provoking or profound. You should also open yourself to finding inspiration offered to you by holy sources. These could be a rare glimpse of shooting stars, a double rainbow, a halo around the moon, a bluebird, or an ancient image on a card. These messages are not coincidences. They are fueled when we permit ourselves to awareness and can actively transform us. We need to believe that like the dial of a compass these signs are pointing us in the right direction.

The universe has spoiled us with options. Take advantage of them to enrich your life. And the next time you find yourself walking under the night sky, throw a little whisper to the moon…and don’t be surprised if she answers.

(Published in Natural Awakenings, June 2011)

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