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Invoking Your
Guardian Angel

by Lawren Leo


It’s a long walk to the temple. Placid one moment and treacherous the next, life’s path challenges your stamina. When the road before you begins snaking uphill and you enter dense woods, you lose perspective. But you are not alone.

As a child I was taught a simple rhyme for protection. It began with the words ‘Holy guardian angel dear…’ Years later I still invoke it in moments of doubt or fear. The Holy Guardian Angel or Higher Self, whichever you prefer, is our personal connection with Creator. It is pure spiritual fire navigating us through destiny and can be summoned in infinite ways. The following exercise is a three step process I’ve dubbed the Triple A’s. Use it to call on your personal angel in times of conflict or struggle:

(You’ll need a white candle, something to write with and paper for this exercise.)

Begin by taking a few deep breaths to relax then light the candle. Think of a present challenge or difficulty and write it at the top of the paper. Ask your Higher Self to help define your emotions regarding this situation. Begin listing them quickly without any forethought, as if you were brainstorming. When finished, go back and read each one slowly. Allow yourself to feel the emotion and then let it pass through you as if it were walking through your body. Draw a line through it and imagine it being absorbed by the earth. Write this affirmation just under your list, "Now I choose to observe and better control my actions." By observing your actions a change of perspective takes place and allows room for correction.

Center yourself again and imagine a white, fiery light just above your head. Ask your Higher Self to create room for a miracle to occur. On the same piece of paper draw a circle with a dot in the middle. This is a glyph of the sun, your true self, affirming that you are an optimist and understand difficulties as temporary set-backs. Write this affirmation next to the sun symbol, "Now I choose to listen to my Higher Self."

Action or Asking for help
Remaining centered, imagine the white light above your head flowing downward, purifying your entire being of all negativity, illness and imbalance. Ask your Higher Self to reinforce your will to live and fill you with the most beneficial energies for success and healing. Write this affirmation at the bottom and center of the page, "Now I choose to take the best care possible of myself."

Remain in a state of meditation as long as you wish. When you are ready, extinguish the candle or let it burn out naturally. Place the paper on your refrigerator and use the affirmations daily until the situation changes.

Any path we choose must follow the natural contours of Mother Earth, and it will always present something beautiful to sustain us along the way. Hold that in thought the next time your intuition misses the ‘Beware Sharp Turns’ sign. And remember, although it is a long walk to the temple, there is always a guardian angel to ensure we arrive safely.

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