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Mechanics of Your Interior Spaces: The Magic Circle


by Lawren Leo


This is an excerpt from my upcoming book Dragonflame: Finding the Philosopher's Stone. © Lawren Leo. June 7, 2012.

The Magic Circle

Within the magic circle lies the entirety of your inner universe.  You will find therein all that you know and do not know, all that you have explored and have yet to explore, all that you can dream of or conceive. Stars are born within your circle, supernovas occur within it. It is the sum total of your personal galaxy and all its parts. YOU define its perimeter. The magic circle serves many purposes.  These include protection, providing a sacred space for magical workings, and introspection. It is here that you will make magical progress. But by far, however, the most important purpose of the magical circle is separation. 

When you put up a magical circle you define a separated space. This action detaches you from:

Everyday consciousness


Negative energies

Mundane perspective

Rather than being in the physical realm, you realize you are in a microcosmic realm where you are the center of your own universe.

As you begin to understand that the entire universe exists within the magic circle, you must next ask, “What lies beyond its borders?” The answers are many - that which we cannot envision; that which has no name; that which has created us, the magic circle, and everything it contains; that which links us to our Higher Self. This way of thinking triggers a desire to transcend the universe. As your desire to know Creator increases, you will realize that you have taken the first step in coming to know yourself. This, in essence, is magical progress.

Creating the Magic Circle: Invoking the Goddess Urania

Your new knowledge simplifies creating a magic circle. It is an act of putting up and taking down, of separating and reassembling. This process manifests three crucial thoughts:

I am lost no more.

I have a goal and purpose.

Here is my first point of focus.

I call creating the magic circle ‘Invoking Urania,’ because in Ancient Greece she was the goddess of the universe.

To start, make sure you are in a safe and secure area where you will not be disturbed. Lock your door, shut the windows and do not answer the phone until you have finished. If someone breaks your circle, a bad luck, physical harm or even temporary insanity may occur. 

Standing with your altar in front of you and facing east, point your right forefinger at the center of the wall in front of you. Imagine a white flame or stream of light coming down through your head, neck, arm and out your forefinger. Slowly, pivot 360 degrees clockwise while drawing the circumference of your magic circle with the white flame. Mentally, extend the circle to the outermost points of the room while you are turning. Be sure to end at your starting point and connect the circle completely. Relax your hand.

Now, turn your magic circle into a sphere. Visualize it as a hologram of the universe with you at its center. This is true reality. The reality of the external world we live in is its reflection.

Do your magical work, prayers, chants or visualizations.

When you have finished, re-absorb your magic circle. This time you will use your left forefinger. Point it at the wall in front of you where your circle began. Slowly, pivot 360 degrees counter clockwise while imagining the white flame being absorbed back into your being via the left forefinger. When you have completed, bring your hands together in what is called prayer position in front of your heart chakra located between your breasts. This is done by placing your palms together with your fingers pointed upwards.

Always be sure to take down every circle you create. For anyone working with high magick, this may mean putting up two circles and taking down two circles every time you perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram (LBRP) and the Banishing Ritual of The Hexagram (BRH).

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