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The Stone's Riddle

by Lawren Leo



A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it,
bearing within him the image of a cathedral.  -
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

On my desk sits a fist-sized sardonyx stone. This is not your usual stone. It seems to me utterly perfect. It is smooth and glossy with hazy purples running into misty tones of gray, like watercolors suddenly turned into glass. It sits next to a tall, red, tapered candle. They want to be next to one another. For the candle’s flame magically reflects golden eyes and tongues onto its friend’s shiny surface. The stone radiates wisdom. It wants to speak. Captivated, I ask it to share a secret with me as I study its shape.

It’s an illusion. Those were the words it spoke. I pondered their meaning. And then, the stone spoke once more:

I am many names, yet none
Under each man’s gaze only one.

I understood the riddle quickly: a rock is not just a rock. To a practitioner of Santeria it may be an Elegua head, to a geologist a mineral with a clever Latin name, to a child a magical amulet. In a cemetery it becomes a tombstone, on a desk it functions as a paperweight. But under my gaze it became a promise.

We transform our lives with promises, a vow to diet, to remain loyal, to remain sober. Sharpening our willpower and training our thoughts helps us to tap into its ancient currents of intent and change. To make a promise is to wield magic and the place in which it begins is our inner temple.

Our inner temple is made of actions and deeds. Use this following exercise once a month to strengthen your will and self-esteem. As you do, the walls of your temple will become stronger, impenetrable. Until finally, you are able to sit in meditation at its center as the Universe reveals her mysteries.

(For this exercise you will need a piece of paper, something to write with and a stone, any size or color.)

Mind Over Matter
On one side of the paper write your wish or goal. (For example: Increased Creativity).

On the other side of the paper write seven promises that you will keep for seven days. You may want to structure it with dates, then your promise. Here are some of mine:

January 28, 2015
call an old friend

January 29, 2015
abstain from coffee or tea today

January 30, 2015
go out of my way to help someone

January 31, 2015
tell a funny joke

Once you have chosen the promises, write out all seven. Next, put it on your altar or table and place a stone on it. As the stone touches the paper it is symbolically sealing your word, very much like saying ‘Amen’ or ‘So be it!’ At the end of your seven-day commitment, when your ‘Promise Card,’ as I like to call it, is finished, you may burn it or simply throw it away. Remember to be gentle with yourselves. If you miss a day, simply start over. Do not put undue stress into the mixture.

Each day, when you reach for your stone say this affirmation: Now, my goals are within reach.

There are many ways to increase personal power and hone your will. Practice yoga, study the tarot and meditate to urge more creative moments. This, in conjunction with your Promise Card, will let your psyche’s architect discover new ways to build your inner temple.


To learn more about The Riddle of the Stone and the Magical Philosophy behind it, read my book,
Dragonflame: Tap Into Your Reservoir of Power Using Talismans, Manifestation & Visualization.

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